Pizza Crust Options

Ever consider using something other than your standard pizza crust to make pizza? Here are a few great ideas to use as pizza crusts:

  • English Muffins (mini pizza's)
  • Flour Tortillas (so many flavors to choose from)
  • Naan Bread (Indian flatbread with great texture)
  • French Bread (crusty and sturdy)
  • Pita Bread (without the pocket)

The next time you make pizza at home, change things up a bit and use one of the above breads in place of your regular pizza crust. You will be pleasantly surprised.



Fresh or Jarred Garlic

Although jarred garlic in quick and easy, there is a distinct difference in taste from the fresh. Some jarred garlic have additives and preservatives that alter the true taste. There are many who only use garlic on occasion. I happen to use a ton of garlic so I never have any sitting around for too long. I suggest trying a dish with fresh garlic and trying that same dish with jarred garlic so that your tastebuds can do the judging.  

There are definitely certain applications where jarred garlic may be more convenient than fresh. I tend to look at it like this: if garlic is taking a backseat in a particular recipe, meaning only very small amounts are required, then jarred is fine. However, if garlic is a star or even a co-star in a recipe, fresh is always best.  

All-in-all, garlic is just plain great tasting. It adds a flavor to dishes that no other ingredient can compete with and we also must not forget those healthy side benefits.

Try fresh and jarred for yourself in a recipe and let your tastebuds decide.  


Recipe Prep

Remember to always read the entire recipe before beginning to cook. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that you have all the ingredients in your pantry/fridge. This will also allow you to prep (mise en place) any ingredients that require special handling (e.g., butter at room temperature) before they are needed.  

It's no fun to be in the middle of a recipe only to realize that you are missing ingredients.

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