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6-8 Madagascar Vanilla Beans split lengthwise (or any vanilla bean that is available in your area)

½ cup Bourbon, high grade

1 ½ cups Vodka, high grade (if using flavored, vanilla would be best)

Combine ingredients in a jar with a tight fitting lid that is tall enough to accommodate all of the vanilla beans.  Vanilla beans should be completely covered by the alcohol.  Store in a dark, cool location out of direct heat and light for a minimum of one month (however, the longer the curing period, the better).  The mixture will become amber after day 2 or 3.  Shake jar every few days to distribute the vanilla seeds throughout the mixture.  Once you begin using the extract, replenish with more vanilla beans and alcohol to maintain your supply. 

Routinely check the vanilla beans to ensure they maintain a strong vanilla scent.  If you detect that a bean(s) no longer has a strong vanilla fragrance, discard and replace with a fresh, split vanilla bean.

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