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KitchenAid FaceLift

Have you ever browsed any of the gourmet cooking retailers or the kitchen section in some of the department stores? Ever glance or take a long endearing peek at the KitchenAid Stand Mixers? Aside from the fact that the history of this mixer dates back to 1919, when the first stand mixer for the home was introduced (the Model H-5), did you know that it was introduced to consumers as being “the best kitchen aid” by an executives wife. Talking about a coined phrase. Well, the rest is history and what we now know as the KitchenAid was born and trademarked.

Still today, the KitchenAid stand mixer continues to be solid and reliable and is built like a tank, outlasting many of its competitors. Also interesting, is that all KitchenAid stand mixer attachments will fit any KitchenAid stand mixer, including the 1919 original. One must admit that they have come a long way in advancing the color palette of this mixer.  It was only less than 25 years ago that finding KitchenAid in any color other than black, white, blue or almond was quite a challenge. Now, there is a beautiful array of colors to choose from to match even the most discerning cook or decorator. But what if you already have a KitchenAid stand mixer in perfect working condition and the only complaint or wish would be to have an updated color or a bit of flash & pizzazz.  Sounds goofy, right? Change the color of my stand mixer?  Up to this point, some people have decided just to go out and buy a new stand mixer in the newest color to satisfy the need for a more fashionable favorite.  Well, that’s fine if you have an endless cash flow but how can you give your KitchenAid stand mixer a facelift without buying a new machine?  I have found a unique answer and unique person who can remedy the issue:

Un Amore Custom Designs at 

Seeing is believing, so take a look at a few design samplings:

The artist is Nicole Dinardo and she is truly artistic and creative. She custom paints KitchenAid stand mixers, adding a bit of je ne sais quoi (
Bam Factor) to an already perfected piece of history: the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. Clever, gorgeous, cute, adorable….all of these words come to mind when I look at the artwork on these mixers. For more examples of her creativity, please visit  and check out Nicole's KitchenAid photo gallery along with the rest of her services. 

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Isn't she AMAZING?!?! I adore my KitchenAid Pro 600 but seeing her designs made me envious of other mixers...again. I had planned to blog about her on my blog too. Great minds think alike. I've shared her on my FB page a few times and I plan to continue spreading the word about Un Amore Designs!!! :)
March 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterErin

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